Wednesday, March 19, 2008

HartBeat Radio: Episode #1

In the premier episode of HartBeat Radio, hosted by Aissa, you will hear the following segments:
Look at a Book with Georgie
Healthy Habits with Stephanie and Tatiana
World Wide Websites with Malik
Joke Time with Maitreyee and Megan
Science Corner with Reilly
Sports Roundup with Christian
An Interview with Megan and Mrs. Darling

Click here to listen to Episode #1

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Malik wright said...

I think that episode was awsome and can't waitn to heair more from them

Mr. Perfetti said...

Nice job 5th graders and Mr. Jay hartbeat radio is great!

Muskeg said...

Hi HartBeat Radio kids!

Your teacher told me about your podcast. Wow! I'm really impressed. I'm going to make sure my students get a chance to listen to it this week. I know that they will be flattered to hear you used their podcast for some inspiration.

It's obvious that you put a lot of hard work into this. We know how much writing, recording and editing is involved in making a show. You should be very proud of how it turned out. Everyone involved had something interesting to say and spoke very clearly and expressively. The music made the show sound really snappy.

How do you record yourselves? For Portable Radio, we use voice recorders most of the time.

Nathan Toft
5/6 Teacher
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

Conner, Stefan and Dean said...

Hartbeat radio is super!!! Our names are Connor, Stefan and Dean from A.L.C's 5/6 class's portableradio. We think the first second and third episode are great! We got most of the jokes in the first episode. Our favorite one was the funiture store joke. We think we might also have a diffrent host for each episode. We hope you improve and be known many places. Good luck with future episodes!

Anonymous said...

I just heard episode 11... this was awesome!